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Spa (Steam Shower + Aroma-Massage)

Thai MassageSpa is a wonderful way to purify the body and relax soul and body as well.

Shor description

First 15-30 minutes the body is purified and warmed up int the steam bath. After this normally follows a gentle and relaxing oil massage. But you can also choose a Thai-oil massage.


* Purification of the body
* Harmonizing, strengthening, vitalizing and regulatory effect on your entire organism
* Supports the immune system and the self-healing forces
* Gives you silky, smooth and velvety skin
* Improves the sense of well-being and heightens the quality of life

Background information

Spa is associated with water treatment and various exercises designed to bring body, mind and spirit into harmony. In Asia it means places and services related with wellness. Spa may include sauna, fitness, massage, steam bath, ...

In Europa we find the first establishments in the ancient Greece. The Romans enriched and enlarged this culture in their whole  Roman Empire. Even then they purified the body before the massage.

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