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Thai Foot Massage

FussbadPeople often forget to take care of their feet, even though theses are very important and used all the time. The feet are nowadays imprisoned in shoes. Here you can do well to your feet relaxing at the same time.

Prior to the foot massage the feet will be warmed up in a foot bath. After this the feet are relaxed by stroking movements.

Unlike other massages that use thumbs, palms, hands, elbow, knee and foot, foot reflexology massage uses hands, fingers and a wood stick with cream and oil. According to Chinese medicine, the sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are mainly gathered around the soles of the feet. Therefore, the massage is effective in stimulating the functions of the internal organs. Another advantage of this therapy is that there is no risk. The critical points on the feet are dealed with utmost care. The pain felt there will disappear when the masseur finishes the process. The Chinese practice this since 3000 years.


The Benefits of Foot Reflexology Massage:

  • It can relieve pain and stiffness caused by too much exercising or using muscle for too long.
  • It can help prevent and cure many symptoms such as headache, stress, asthma, constipation, sinusitis and migraine.
  • The blood circulation system will be boosted.
  • The body's function will be naturally turned into its homeostasis..


1  Head
2  Brain, cerebrum
3  Cerebellum
4  Pineal gland
5  Hypophysis
6  Parotid gland
7  Frontal sinus / jaw
8  Sinuses / jaw
9  Immune system
10 Eyes
11 Ears
12 Throat
13 Jaw / tonsils
14 Neck
15 Larynx
16 Thyroid gland
17 Oesophagus
18 Bronchial tubes
19 Thymus gland
20 Shoulder girdle
21 Shoulder
22 Armpit
23 Hart
24 Cardiac reagion
25 Stomach
26 Cardia
27 Pyloric orifice
28 Lung region
29 Solar plexus
30 Diaphragm

31 Pancreas
32 Duodenum
33 Kidney
34 Suprarenal gland
35 Liver
36 Gall
37 Spleen
38 Small intestine
39 Ureter
40 Bledder
41 Appendix
42 Colon (ascendind)
43 Colon (transverse)
44 Colon (descending)
45 Rectum
46 Upper arm
47 Elbow
48 Hip
49 Knee
50 Sciatica
51 Pelvis
52 Bone formation
53 Genitals
54 Pelvic floor
55 Talebone
56 Sacrm
57 Lumbar spine
58 Thoracic spine
59 Cervical Spine
60 Lymph node

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