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Face Massage


Short description

First cleansing of the face. Afterwards the massage starts at the chin, goes on to mouth, cheek, ear, around the eyes, forehead and finally the whole head. At the end neck and the upper part of the shoulders will be kneaded as well. During the massage you can sit or lie.


* Releases inner tension
* Resolves energy blocks
* Reduces headache
* Supports  skin's elasticity
* May counteract sleep problems
* Boost the blood circulation

Background information

The face massage is a part of the traditional Thai massage. A face massage is relaxing and stimulating at the same time. After 30 minutes of massage you will feel the pleasant effect. Regular application may help to feel balanced as well. This massage improves your well-being. A face massage is an inexpensive way to ensure the effects of traditional Thai massage.

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